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    Winter 7’s Rugy

    by  • January 14, 2012 • News • 0 Comments

    In an effort to play rugby all year round Ol’ Sharky found himself in South Jersey for a Winter 7’s tournament and ended up having a blast. It was 30 degrees outside, very windy, and when the sun ducked behind a cloud it dropped below zero; but footy is footy and everyone had a blast. We lost in the semi-finals but all in all it was a great day. #goodfooty


    Shark Fit

    by  • January 13, 2012 • News • 0 Comments

    The Sharks took some time off from their strict training regiment to unwind with some good people, great wings, and copious amounts of beer. It was a Thursday night so there was a couple ‘ghosts’ of Sharks past in attendance. (i.e. ‘Gator Scrote’, ‘Cookie’, etc …) Thursday nights have typically been legendary as many...

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    Sunday Touch ‘Footy’

    by  • January 9, 2012 • News • 0 Comments

    Many of the Sharks/Hibernians have been playing football (American) every Sunday at a local park over the past couple years.  It has been an amazing platform for the guys to get some fitness in, shake off some cobwebs from the previous night, and serve as a recruiting platform.  This past Sunday was no different...

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    Dean Schofield

    by  • January 9, 2012 • News, Player Profile • 1 Comment

    Dean is a throw back player who relies heavily on his work ethic and grit to get the job done on the field.  Having never played a game of Rugby League before we could see right away that there was going to be a short learning curve as he hit the line at pace...

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    Sharks Adopt Unique Training Routine

    by  • January 8, 2012 • News • 0 Comments

    With a lot of time on their hands the young Sharks have devised a new training routine that is based loosely on the “World’s Strongest Man” training principles.  Their sessions have attracted quite a crowd of spectators that view what can only be perceived as some sort of hazing ritual.  Timmy McCall has led...

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