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    Jeff Pesature

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    Ol’ Sharky was impressed with Jeff’s play from the first moment he saw him on the field.  Having never played the game he has amazing awareness and is deceptively elusive.  Don’t let the fact that his height, weight, and depth are all the same dimensions (earning him the nickname ‘Spud’) fool you, he can get around the field quite effectively.  A more lasting impression of his natural feel for the game was his ability to stand in as Hooker for multiple Rugby Union matches with the Hibernians without any formal training.  His off the field shenanigans are equally impressive due to the fact he rocks a minivan, and manages to look cool in the process.  Jeff has been a solid addition to the club, and we look forward to his development on and off the field.

    Name: Jeff Pesature
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 230
    Age: 23
    Position: Center/Second row

    What was your greatest experience during the 2011 season?
    The whole season was great an a ton of fun. I don’t think I could pick one thing .

    What is the greatest strength you brought to The Sharks this year?
    I would have to say my tackling.

    What do you plan to bring to team in your sophomore season?
    I want to be more involved on the offensive side of the ball.

    Most Challenging aspect of playing rugby league in the AMNRL and for the Sharks?
    The most challenging part was the rule changes from league to union.

    Goals for the 2012 season:
    Make it to the finals

    What does playing for The Sharks mean to you?
    It’s mean a lot because of the history of the team.

    What is your rugby league career goal?
    To have a long, healthy career. Maybe play in a different country at some point.

    What is most important to The Sharks success moving forward?
    Keep growing with committed players.

    Name one team in the AMNRL that you want to beat more than any other:
    New York Knights

    Who is your greatest influence in Rugby league?
    I’d have to say Tim McCall. I wouldn’t be playing if it wasn’t for him harassing me every year to play.

    Nice pass