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    Dan made an immediate impact with his defensive mindset.  His Union experience had him familiar with the general concepts, and his League debut was sensational.  He has an impressive fitness level and his tenacious approach to the game makes him an impact player at multiple positions.  Recently he came back from college to step into a Hibernian rugby game and his presence was felt immediately.  Towards the end of the game when everyone was gassed he was able to stand in and complete the game; which went down as one of the more memorable games in the recent rebirth of the Hibernians.  His attention to detail manifests in his critique of Facebook grammar; let’s hope that type of manic behavior leads to continued development of his League skills.

    Name: Daniel Emmons
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 215
    Age: 22
    Position: Lock/Center

    What was your greatest experience during the 2011 season?
    Traveling to different states to play elite rugby teams

    What is the greatest strength you brought to The Sharks this year?
    Youth and disciplined defensive play

    What do you plan to bring to team in your sophomore season?
    Better knowledge of the game and desire to be an accountable player

    Most Challenging aspect of playing rugby league in the AMNRL and for the Sharks?
    Elite competition, raising the necessary capital to cover operating & travel costs

    Goals for the 2012 season:
    Make other teams not want to play us

    What does playing for The Sharks mean to you?
    80 minute street fight alongside a bunch of my Levitown, Fairless Hills & Yardley buddies followed immediately by consumption of a lot of beer

    What is your rugby league career goal?
    Bring the sharks back to dominance

    What is most important to The Sharks Success Moving forward?
    Accurate spelling on the Facebook page

    Name one team in the AMNRL that you want to beat more than any other:

    Who is your greatest influence in Rugby league?
    Dean Schofield got me into the sport, but the older fellas like Phil, Tomo, and Freddie taught me how to play.  Natural leaders like Justin ‘Beluga’ Zadnik have been instrumental to my growth on and off the field.

    What message would you like to send to the fans and competitors of The Bucks County Sharks?
    Come out to a match and get weird after

    Tackling machine

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