• Tebow-mania

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    We would hardly be a sports related website in the USA if we didn’t at least touch on the national phenomenon that is “Tebow-Mania.”. While his, and the entire Denver Broncos season is over there are still discussions and rumblings over the status of this young athletes future. Ol’ Sharky isn’t a football expert, nor a religious guru of any sort (although I do have a strong connection with ‘The Force’) so we will strictly be talking about how he approaches the game.

    During a post game interview of one his signature ‘last minute’ victories he was asked about why people do not like him. The interviewer went on to explain the many reasons why he thinks people don’t like him. (i.e. throwing style, faith, weak arm strength, lack of accuracy, etc …) Tebow allowed the interviewer to finish the question and his response was simple: “Something I learned early in college (is) to not worry about what I can’t control…But what I can control is my attitude, my effort, my focus every single day and that’s what I’m trying to worry about.”

    As a player who has been involved with many teams, and has worn many hats on all of these teams, I cannot help but be inspired by such a simple viewpoint. I have been approached by different players over the years who didn’t like the coaching staff, had issues with other players on the team or around the league, and a multitude of other complaints that were out of my control to ‘fix.’ My answer was very similar to what Tebow said, and I encouraged these players to focus on what they could control and how they are part of a team. Again, not being a football expert, but hearing a lot of press coming out of the NFL, there seemed to be an underwhelming amount of support for Tebow to exist in the NFL. Instead of dwelling on that, he focused on lifting his teammates up, continuously trying to improve, and guided himself through the media blitzkrieg with class. If every Shark takes even a fraction of these lessons and focuses on the positive energy that they collectively create, they will position themselves nicely in the AMNRL competition.

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