• Australia Day

    by  • January 26, 2012 • News • 0 Comments

    Four years ago today we celebrated what was at the time a relatively unknown holiday to me; Australia Day. Our token Aussie couldn’t fully explain what the holiday actually meant, so we had to improvise how we would celebrate. We decided to introduce the locals to a little Australian charm by grabbing a 30 pack of beer, some makeshift cricket equipment, and invading a local park. The stumps were fashioned out of plastic poles with empty cans of beer representing the wickets. We did have a proper bat, but we used tennis balls wrapped tightly in electric tape to mimic the standard issue hard ball found in a cricket match. This suited the locals nicely as they were already confused enough with the myriad of rules we introduced them to, we didn’t need to risk injuries. The weather was just cold enough that we didn’t require an esky, and the mood was sensational. I don’t know if anyone learned anything about Australia Day, but we had a great time and shared some culture … and some Busch Lights.

    Happy Australia Day to our friends down under.

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