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    Johnny is a perennial crowd favorite with his explosive runs, deceptive quickness, and dedication to the team. Coming up through our feeder Union high school program and playing straight through college he has positioned himself as an experienced leader. He has been appointed Captain of the Hibernians and has led them through some good times and bad. Our version of the ‘pocket rocket’ continues to deliver on the field, and has even stepped out of his league with a smoking hot girlfriend off the field. Here’s to our token ‘get out of jail free’ card.

    Name: John Vella
    Height: 7’2″ *
    Weight: 255 lbs (solid muscle)**
    Age: 21 (and sexy) ***
    Position: Anywhere ****
    Rugby Experience (in years): 10

    What was your greatest experience during the 2011 season?

    What is the greatest strength you brought to The Sharks this year?

    Most Challenging aspect of playing rugby league in the AMNRL and for the Sharks:

    Goals for the 2012 season:
    Win the league

    What does playing for The Sharks mean to you?
    Playing the most fun game with my friends

    What is your rugby league career goal?
    Be a better player

    What is most important to The Sharks Success Moving forward?
    Numbers at training and games

    Name one team in the AMNRL that you want to beat more than any other:
    The Bulls

    Who is your greatest influence in Rugby league?
    Steve Tormey

    What message would you like to send to the fans and competitors of The Bucks County Sharks?
    Buy our merchandise

    * He would be lucky to break 5 foot
    ** Surprisingly accurate. If you do the math it makes him about as tall as he is wide
    *** Notice the receding hairline
    **** He really does play anywhere providing the unique opportunity to drop balls and miss tackles from a host of positions


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