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    It’s hard to believe that Timmy has been playing for 6 years; the time really does fly when you are having fun. His on and off the field contributions have helped the Sharks and Hibernians remain competitive throughout the years. His recent campaign to rally the troops to work out through the ‘Shark Fit’ training sessions is an example of his commitment to the goals he details below. Week in and week out he demonstrates that despite his brother getting the ‘skinny gene,’ Timmy got all the personality and hands in the family. Let’s hope he sticks with his training program and picks up the hard yards that will be paramount to the Sharks success in 2012 and beyond.

    Name: Tim McCall
    Weight: 295
    Age: 25
    Position: Prop
    Rugby experience (in years): 6

    What was your greatest experience during the 2011 season?
    For me the greatest experience was taking the field for the first time after a year off. It was the culmination of all the hard work we as a team put in and it felt good to play rugby league again.

    What is the greatest strength you brought to The Sharks this year?
    I feel my ability to gain the hard yards with strong hit ups is my biggest strength.

    What do you plan to bring to team this season?
    I am working very hard on getting my fitness level up and getting stronger this off season. I want to be able to be a leader in the forwards and be effective for 80 minutes.

    Most Challenging aspect of playing rugby league in the AMNRL and for the Sharks:
    The competition level of the AMNRL is most challenging. Every Saturday you’re playing against the toughest rugby players in the country. The most challenging part about playing for the Sharks is keeping our team competitive and carrying on the team’s legacy.

    Goals for the 2012 season:
    My personal goal is to be the most effective player I can to help my team win. As a team I would like to win a championship.

    What does playing for The Sharks mean to you?
    Playing for the Sharks means everything to me. I’ve been with this club since I was 19. You will not find a tighter group than the Sharks and I couldn’t imagine playing anywhere else.

    What is your rugby league career goal?
    Just once I’d love to pull on a Tomahawks jersey and represent my country.

    What is most important to The Sharks Success Moving forward?
    First and foremost just being excited to play footy.

    Name one team in the AMNRL that you want to beat more than any other.
    Doesn’t matter, I just want to win.

    Who is your greatest influence in Rugby league?
    Sal Raniello and Justin Zadnik introduced me to the game of rugby league, so I owe them a lot, but the presence of all the original sharks players have influenced me as well

    What message would you like to send to the fans and competitors of The Bucks County Sharks?
    The Sharks are for real. We are going to do big things in 2012. Anyone who steps on the field with us better be prepared to bring it, because there is no quit in the Sharks.

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