• Support Those Who Support The Sharks!!!

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    Long time Sharks supporter is making it big in “Prime Time” this upcoming March 7th @ 9PM on the Speed Channel (check your local listings)  The show is called “Car Warriors” and we are anxiously awaiting the outcome of his recent trip out West.  Check out the show in advance to get the feel for what he and his team were up against.


    Some say big brother Steve got all the looks in the family, and while that is up for debate, the fact that he got all the artistic capabilities is not in question.  Here’s a quick word from our sponsor:

    “Ok, so some of you know and some of you don’t, but back in October a few of the guys and I went out to California and filmed a TV episode for the Speed Channel. The name of the show is Car Warriors and it is in the second season; its an awesome car build off show. We had 48 hours straight through with no sleep to build a car better than the team across the shop from us. Its a show packed full of pressure and excitement.” – Steve

    No sleep, teamwork, dedication … sounds like it could be a footy competition!  Be sure to ‘Like SPG’ on Facebook and check out their website for all your auto customization needs: http://www.spgcustoms.com/


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