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    Dean is a throw back player who relies heavily on his work ethic and grit to get the job done on the field.  Having never played a game of Rugby League before we could see right away that there was going to be a short learning curve as he hit the line at pace to exploit gaps in the defensive line.  His skills and awareness on the field improved with each training session and he even filled in non-Center spots on the field to learn the game from different angles.  His ferocious defense had an immediate impact to our back line, and we look forward to his continued development.  Let’s hope he doesn’t develop any lazy ‘Union’ habits as he looks to wrap up his collegiate career and join the Sharks full time.

    Name: Dean Schofield
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 200
    Age: 21
    Position: Center

    What was your greatest experience during the 2011 season?
    Scoring a Try against the Knights in New York City
    What is the greatest strength you brought to The Sharks this year?

    Tackling Skills

    What do you plan to bring to team in your sophomore season?

    Increased Offensive Role, Better Ball Skills, Speed and Fitness Improvement in the Offseason

    Most Challenging aspect of playing rugby league in the AMNRL and for the Sharks?

    Playing against great athletes from all over the world that have a natural understanding of the game, as opposed to myself and many of my teammates that come from a football or wrestling background.

    Goals for the 2012 season:
    – Win 6 Games
    – Score 5 or more Trys
    – Play for the AMNRL Grand Final Championship
    What does playing for The Sharks mean to you?

    It means competing for an AMNRL Championship and supporting the growth of Rugby League in America, all while playing alongside athletes in my area that are both my teammates and friends.

    What is your rugby league career goal?

    Win an AMNRL Championship / Play for a U.S. National Team

    What is most important to The Sharks Success Moving forward?

    Recruitment and Community Support

    Name one team in the AMNRL that you want to beat more than any other?

    New York Knights

    Who is your greatest influence in Rugby league?

    Teammates my age. As we are learning the game together, we are constantly pushing each other to get better.

    What message would you like to send to the fans and competitors of The Bucks County Sharks?
    Fans: This year’s team is going to be fun to watch
    Competitors: The BC Sharks are only getting better

    High Tackle?


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