• Sunday Touch ‘Footy’

    by  • January 9, 2012 • News • 0 Comments

    Many of the Sharks/Hibernians have been playing football (American) every Sunday at a local park over the past couple years.  It has been an amazing platform for the guys to get some fitness in, shake off some cobwebs from the previous night, and serve as a recruiting platform.  This past Sunday was no different as we had a record turnout of over 25 guys; half of whom have never played any form of rugby in their lives!  Whether or not they will continue to come back remains to be seen but it is extremely encouraging to see so many young men looking for some sort of activity.  It feeds right into what we have always said about Bucks County, that it is truly in need of Rugby clubs.  With so many local athletes there is a huge demand for physical activity and the Sharks feel that they can provide that platform.  Players like Joe ‘Alligator Arms’ Mullen and Steve ‘Revis Island’ Tormey need to put in the extra work during these sessions due to their strange ‘skinny fat’ condition.  Whether or not these football sessions lead to high quality recruits like they have in the past (see Pat ‘Big Skinny’ Smith), it doesn’t matter because it is a lot of fun to get out and run around.  Any chance you have to take a late hit on Phil ‘Winter Classic’ Shipos is a Sunday well spent.

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