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    RUGBY LEAGUE, for the majority of the Shark members, started by playing Friday night games of league in a local Philadelphia stadium. David Niu, who ran these games, introduced the game of league to several union teams and local athletes. This was a new game, faster and more exciting than the rugby people were used to in the States. League was very well received and beloved by most players. It didn’t take long to catch on.

    AMERICAN RUGBY LEAGUE took the next step with the 1996 Student Rugby League World Cup, played in England. Players were selected for the Student World Cup from the Friday night games and additional training and try-outs. America did well in their first ever series of student rugby league matches, beating Ireland and Japan. A return to the U.S. brought much excitement about the game of League in America. Players returned to their union sides, but wanted more League.

    IN 1997, the Sharks were developed. The Sharks were created by several of the players from the Student World Cup, plus help from the Hibernians and other local athletes and union teams.

    THE SHARKS started out as the youngest and most inexperienced team. The team lacked coaching, experience, and skills. The Sharks floundered in their first season of domestic league, still managing to win some games. The Sharks won some and lost some, but didn’t win the final. Over time, the Sharks have been the most competitive team in the domestic competition The Shark team now carries international coaches, players, and much more experience.

    (Throughout the seasons, the Sharks have had great help from several international players and coaches. These players and names will be mentioned later this season in a special article.)

    USA AND THE SHARKS. The Sharks have several players that have represented America in the past- The United States National Team, the “Tomahawks”. The Sharks have recently had players represent the American Tomahawks once again in the match verse Ireland on March 16th. See http://www.amnrl.com for more information about this match.

    IT IS GOING TO BE A GREAT SEASON FOR THE SHARKS AND RUGBY LEAGUE IN AMERICA! Continue to check this site for current news about the Sharks

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