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    1. Phill
      January 12, 2012 at 7:57 pm

      Hi, I’m a Cronulla Sharks supporter and another supporter
      has just bought your club to my attention.
      I am inviting all your members and supporters
      to follow us on FB and other means.
      I am part of The Carny Army designed to support
      Todd Carny a young talented player who has had
      some trouble off field.
      We came into the top flight in 1967 and have
      never one the comp, on the back of this there is
      another FB page Cronulla to win a comp before I die.
      These two are set up by the fans there is also
      the clubs FB page Cronulla Sharks.
      I feel sure if you get on and give yourselves
      a little push you’ll pick up long distance support.
      Perhaps even people to come watch the team play.
      I’m off to watch San Jose Sharks next month.
      Hope you hook up with our club.
      Best Wishes
      Phill Cannan

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